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Newton Learning Center, Ltd

Newton Learning Center, LTD
Welcome to the Newton Learning Center, Ltd.  We understand that a lot of thought and consideration goes into choosing a child care center. Thank you for considering our center. 

             We offer a relaxed and casual setting geared to the needs and interests of each child and parent who is a part of our school.  We understand that your child will need time to transition into our center.  This time varies with each child depending on age and prior experience.  We would like to help with this transition by providing these helpful hints:

· Visit the center before he/she begins attending the program.  Leave your child alone for 10-15 minutes.  This will allow your child to associate your leaving with a return.  It will also allow you time to observe your child at play with other children.

· Develop a drop off routine with your child.  This may include reading a book or playing a game.  Spending time in the classroom communicates to your child that this is a good place to be and not one to rush away from.

· Let your child bring in a family photograph to look at during difficult times.

· Always say goodbye to your child rather than “slipping away”.  This reassures him that although you are leaving you will be back.



Pre-k & Kindergarten
31 South Main Street.
PO Box 376
Newton, NH 03858
603 382 3333 director@newtonlc.comcastbiz.net